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Celebrities are the public figures which are always thought of as a source of spreading awareness among their followers. It does not only include a person who acts in a movie or series. But a person who has done anything great and got famous is termed as a celebrity. With the help of their circle of acquaintances and fan following, they spread messages wearing printed shirts. 

People are more inclined towards listening and acting upon the words of their favorite stars rather than any other person. The era of reading books for awareness is changed to social media where people share their thoughts. Sharing posts on social media, wearing shirts which are mostly printed by heat press machines, and discussing a specific topic are some of the common sources of showing support.

Who wore a slogan t-shirt for the first time?

You must be thinking who was the first one who took this step for the first time in history? What was the inspiration behind this idea? How t-shirts replaced carrying slogans in hands? Are they completing the purpose they were intended to? 

Katharine Hamnett was the first person who is credited for creating the first slogan t-shirt. The first slogan printed t-shirt had “58% don’t want Pershing” imprinted on it. It was an anti-nuclear statement showing that people do not want nuclear weapons to be used. Printing t-shirts involved manual effort a few years back but nowadays heat press machines have replaced them.

After the 1980s, the bold typeface was commonly used for printing slogan t-shirts. Katherine’s designs were not limited to herself anymore but it turned to be an iconic yet simple style. Thanks to her, we can see hundreds of t-shirts customized with different quotes nowadays with multiple decisions and styles. Once it was said that once you read a slogan t-shirt, they remain in your brain forever.

Celebrities’ Wear Slogan Printed T-shirts

Making a statement while wearing slogan t-shirts printed by the best heat press machine is always preferred. The 90’s classic trend of slogan shirts is brought to life by famed celebrities when they showed their consent while wearing a slogan printed t-shirt in public. The shirts could be styled in various ways while keeping you in comfort with the cozy material.

Moreover, the sublimation heat press printing mechanism makes the design look perfect without engraving yards into the fabric or fading away from the colors when washed. You can find all the latest, cheap and best heat press machines at If you are planning to buy a heat press printed t-shirt customized with your own words, a political slogan, or a quote, you need to check the ones worn by the celebrities.

  1.     Michelle Keegan 

The British actress was spotted wearing a ‘#know your worth’ printed t-shirt with black ink. It was a creative idea to mix and match the social media hashtags with material things. She stimulated people to take inspiration from social media rules and bring life to them by adding them to your t-shirt prints. Her black and white combination was loved by everyone paired with a watch and oversized bag. 

  1.     Malaika Arora Khan

Heat press printed shirt worn by Malaika was attention-grabbing, not due to her style but the message it conveyed. She used the slogan t-shirt style the right away by pinching the most crucial topic. ‘End Violence Against Women’ was imprinted onto the shirt with a heart showing her support towards it. She echoed the sentiments of the public by pointing to this imperative social issue.

  1.     Fearne Cotton

She also joined others while renovating 90’s style by wearing a heat press printed shirt with a text imprinted on it. A dose of reality is what we always needed b. Faerne compelled us to get realistic with ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’. It would whenever get erased from our brain because it is not only black and hit test but the one which was showed up by our favorite personality.

  1.     Mena Suvari

The name of a country printed on anyone’s shirt shows their support and will of seeing that state progress. That is what Mena Suvari did by wearing a ‘Paris’ printed t-shirt. She is not the only one who finds Paris beautiful but just anew addition to the club of Paris lovers.

  1.     Amanda Seyfried

If you want to wear a heat press printed philanthropic t-shirt, then Amanda Seyfried’s shirt would be perfect to purchase. The actresses’ grey t-shirt had the words ‘Save Them All’ printed on it showing that she is not only a good actress but a caring human as well. 

Conclusive remarks

If you are also planning to get a slogan printer t-shirt then heat press printing is the best method to be used for making the prints look perfect and long-lasting. You can style them as per your choice and keep yourself comfortable with these cozy t-shirts.