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Catherine Traicos And The Starry Night


The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky
Ocean Awaits Records/Fuse Music

Catherine Traicos was destined to play roots music with the regularity that she has changed locations. Her father was a test cricketer for Zimbabwe before Traicos settled in Perth to cut her songwriting chops before moving to Sydney and forming her band The Starry Night. The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky is her second album with The Starry Night to complement her three solo records.

Traicos has a warm voice that would see her well placed to play a chanteuse in a David Lynch film, with her music also having a noir element to it. The Starry Night may be a disparate collection of individuals with members having spent time in bands such as the chaotic indie of The Tucker B’s and Sydney popsters Wires, but the sounds on The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky resonate with a consistent sound.

There is a darkness to the tunes of Traicos whether it be the spacious All The Angles, or the almost immediate melody of Carry Me Away. The Starry Night are a great foil for the well travelled songwriter, but it is her ardent voice that deserves the most attention.

The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky isn’t one to kick start your party, but it is perfectly suited to a night at home with your shoes off and your ears open.


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