Regularly spinning upstairs at Berlin club, Berghain, Catherine Britton aka Cassy is about to open Perth’s newest underground club, The Factory this Friday, February 21 at a warehouse ‘rave’ space located at Unit 2/203 Star St, Welshpool. MARISSA DEMETRIOU gets the lowdown. 

With residencies at some of the most revered nights and venues in the world; Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Ibiza’s DC10 and New York’s Output to rattle off a few, Cassy has made a distinctive mark in the world of house and techno. 

Then there’s the tour schedule that sees her playing to chin strokers and trainspotters one night and a festival appearance the next, but there’s a definite answer for what’s in store in 2014. “To make lots of music, to concentrate on making music, especially starting now,” she says, before explaining her next moves will take her everywhere from South America to Europe and the US for a trail of shows.

The idea of bouncing between continents while trying to “concentrate on making music” may be somewhat at odds for most, but travel is something Cassy has integrated into the creative process.

“Travel helps me keep my mind and attitude fresh. It’s such a privilege that if I had two crap gigs in a row, I wouldn’t get down because look at my life, I get to do what I love, and I get to see the world. I love being on planes and trains actually, I like being in between places, it just calms me. I think I’m really lucky” she laughs.

When it comes to making music, previous releases have come via prestigious labels such as Perlon and Cocoon, then there’s her wildly successful mix for the Fabric series last year. Cassy also happens to be the founder of her own eponymous label, which served as a vehicle to release, by her own admission, music her way.

“I only did the label because I was doing tracks back then that I couldn’t give to anyone to release, because people thought they were too strange or weird. So I would just release them myself so I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself,” she laughs.

It would be impossible to think of Cassy and not have vinyl spring to mind, having beautifully mastered the art form that is slowly but surely becoming a rarity in the digital age. While she accepts the inevitable change and progression technology has brought to dance music, Cassy concedes spinning vinyl pushes her more creatively.

“When I hear [people] play just vinyl, I just notice that they play far better and the same goes for me, the sets are always more interesting… It’s just when you DJ vinyl it challenges you more… In the moment you’re far more sensitive to certain things that you’re not when you just play files,” she explains.


The Factory is open every second month (or so) between 7.30pm and midnight. It’s licensed (18+) and you need photo ID. Dress: casual. For happenings head here.