Cassettes and VHS to CD and DVD: 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Converting Old Tech Now

Today in our digital age, there are more means of media than ever before, especially here in Australia. We have streaming services, phones, and instant entertainment everywhere we go. Beyond the instantaneous and the often mindless, is a whole era of movies and shows that had to be physically purchased. You remember cassettes and VHS, don’t you? They’re the objects of 90’s ideation and retro chic. Just a few years ago, that was the only thing you got. You had to go to a store and hope nobody rented out all of the copies of that Julia Roberts movie or Saturday Night Live compilation you wanted to see. Sadly, a lot of those releases are being forgotten in favor of the glitz and glamour of a digital age. There’s so much new that the old just kind of gets pushed to the wayside. Those should be preserved. Here’s why.

Convert Them While You Can

There are some great spots that will provide the service. Some of the best VHS to DVD Adelaide has to offer have mail-in services, too. All of these are aimed at securing your memories to a more current medium so that they don’t get left behind as the tide shifts, once again, towards another, more advanced technology. These are memories that you can pass down to your kids and even your grandkids. Chances are if you have a 13-year-old grandchild, they don’t have a cassette deck or a VHS player. They’re not even aware of the term “rewind“.

Home Videos

Stored in our home movie libraries are three decades of shot film. Remember when you got your first video camera? It was huge, it was complicated, and you took it everywhere. Birthdays, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weekends at Port Noarlunga—all of them captured on long-form film. As time goes on, and the technology changes, as all tech does, these home memories start to slip away. It doesn’t have to, though.

Bring Back Rare Music

Here’s a common scenario that many around the world can attest to: you go out with a few friends downtown. You’ve got buddies back home from Uni in Sydney and you just want to have a great time. You catch a show of an up and coming band, and they blow your mind. Best set you’ve ever seen from a band. You buy their Merchandise, including a cassette of their best hits. Statistically speaking, bands do not make it. But if you were fortunate enough to catch them while they were on the rise, you might just have a little piece of history that never made it to the big time. Getting it converted to a CD, and even an online file allows you to enjoy this piece of your personal history. After all, the band might not have made it.

Converting VHS and cassette is about preserving your happiest memories. This documentation may not make it past a few years. Your favorite movies might not have made it past the cold calculations of the “stream-consumer viewership algorithm.” But at least you can have them for yourself.