Casino Sunrise

Casino Sunrise release their single, Options And Enemies, at Residence @ C5  this Friday, July 12, with help from Lilt and Dustin McLeod. We chatted to singer Justin Campbell.

Who are you guys?

Casino Sunrise consists of four Perth musicians. Pumping around the scene for, collectively, a short lifetime, we forged alliances bitching about punishers in the Amplifier/Rosemount beer gardens a couple of years ago. The band was first called Therapist, but after being called rapists for about a year or so (and a vivid change in musical direction) the band decided to reincarnate into Casino Sunrise.

Describe your sound.

Like Bloc Party having a party with The Strokes while listening to The Wombats doing a remix of M8’s cover of a Muse song.

Where’d the name come from?

While in the process of recording the single, and on the eve of tracking vocals, AJ (bass) and Justin (guitar) thought it would be beneficial for the overall ‘vibe’ of the song to have a bit of a bender, ending up with a gorgeous sunrise at the Casino.

What’s up next?

We’re going to spend the later half of 2013 reacquainting ourselves with the live scene and writing new material for a full length release due for late in the year.