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Case Studies

AlbumReviewTemplateThis Is Another Life

Sacred Bones

There are albums that work totally differently depending on the situation they are played in – This is Another Life is a perfect example. Play it when you are buzzing with positive energy on a sunny afternoon and it won’t work. But put it on the way home from work after an exhausting day and it will kick all the right spots.

Out of Seattle, Case Studies are Jesse Lortz and a bunch of people not afraid to play it low and slow and set the mood for that mellow wintery evening, when a listener can put on this record and think, ‘it’s okay, I’m not the only person feeling like shit’.

Most of the songs have that Leonard Cohen/Nick Cave vibe about them, with a totally different singer though. Lortz’s voice is not so melodramatic, but equally wounded and not overly optimistic. The music around it is a slow blend of piano driven ballads, heavily leaning to folkish/Americana sounds, handsomely subtle and captivating.

 Rating: 3 & 1/2 stars


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