CARLA GENEVE @ The Bird gets 7.5/10

Carla Geneve Greg’s Discount Chemist launch @ The Bird
w/ Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks, Isla Imogen, Your Girl Pho (DJ Set)
Saturday, March 17, 2018


Already a local rising star, Carla Geneve finally released her first official single, Greg’s Discount Chemist, into the world, with a launch at The Bird on Saturday. Geneve proved why she is destined for success to new and old fans alike with her hotly anticipated performance to the packed out room.

Your Girl Pho provided a DJ set for those who came down early, creating a nice atmosphere for what was set to be a great night. Isla Imogen was next to take the stage with her interesting sound, created by blending many genres. It was a captivating performance and one it was hard to take your eyes from.

Next to take to the stage and entertain the building crowd was Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks. Jack’s songs, although mostly centered around food such as Vegemite Sandwiches, were well written, and his folky sound was a good match for what Geneve would play next. Some songs were so emotional and relatable that I caught myself having an existential crisis right in the middle of them.

Finally, Carla Geneve hit the stage. A crowd of devoted fans from her hometown of Albany were gathered near the front and made sure they were heard. After playing a few unreleased tunes, she smashed a cover of Stella Donnelly’s Mechanical Bull, much to the crowd’s delight. It felt like a sign, that Geneve is destined for the same fate as Donnelly.

The single in question and song of the night, Greg’s Discount Chemist, saw a few devoted fans singing along. After powering through the track with her magnificent voice, they launched into a new song she had written about being a woman in the music industry, which encouraged a huge audience reaction at the end, and women in the crowd, including myself, stood proud and inspired.

Geneve also played a clear crowd favourite, I Hate You For Making Me Not Want To Leave The City, a beautiful track about her drive back down to her hometown. The devoted Albany fans ate it all up and loved every minute of it, as did the rest of the crowd.

Carla Geneve’s voice is so unique and her songwriting is some of the best coming out of this city at the moment. Her live performance is excellent, and she really brings the songs to life. A great little show to launch a great single.


Photos by Daniel Hildebrand