CARLA GENEVE Carla Geneve EP gets 7.5/10

Carla Geneve
Carla Geneve EP
Dot Dash/Remote Control


Fremantle based singer-songwriter Carla Geneve has finally released a debut EP of songs. The self-titled Carla Geneve is a collection of tracks familiar to listeners who have experienced one of her many energetic live gigs across Australia over the past year.

Carla’s soaring vocals and string-bending guitar work are cushioned by a full band that carries each track through her brutally intimate and honest lyrics. Geneve is letting you into her mind and promises listeners a highly spirited journey. The EP is a fantastic gateway for new audiences to consider the fast-rising star.

Opening tracks Empty Stomach and Things Change set the stage by offering a warm-up to Geneve’s brand of introspective music making. 2001 and Yesterday’s Clothes continue Carla’s maturation toward future radio rotation. Both tracks are drenched with an increasingly common Australiana style of dialogue borne out from contemporaries like Courtney Barnett, Stella Donnelly and Jack Davies.

Juliet brings the EP down a notch but doesn’t completely let listeners off the hook. The track winds and swirls through Geneve’s feelings on heartbreak – a topic she is comfortable about sharing, and the main focus throughout this release. 

I Hate You (For Making Me Not Want To Leave The City) ends the EP with a stripped down, acoustic reflection displaying Geneve’s quiet and softer range, without compromising the intensity of her feelings.

Carla Geneve is a migration of Carla’s live performances from the past year, now available for eternity via vinyl and digital audio. But the release is a benchmark for the promise and development that is emerging from an incredibly talented and already acclaimed young artist.

The real treat for listeners is where Geneve will go next. She has plenty of room to grow, and it’s clear she aims to fill up all of that space the best way she knows how: with complete honesty.