Captain America: The Winter Soldier Superbowl Trailer Drops

Captain-Amaerica-The-Winter-Soldier-U.K.-Poster-CropEven if you don’t care about the NFL (GO ‘HAWKS!) you should care about the Superbowl, because that’s when the big studios spend obscene amounts of money on a couple minutes of valuable advertising real estate to hawk their latest, loudest wares. Case in point: Marvel Studios is real excited about the upcoming Captain America sequel, and you should be too:

So, we’ve got a paranoid, post-Watergate tone (the casting of Robert “Three Days Of The Condor/All The President’s Men” Redford was not an idly-made decision), corruption within S.H.I.E.L.D., a worthy villain in the form of The Winter Soldier himself (comics fans already know who he is; everyone else is gonna have a fun time dodging spoilers) some incredibly well-staged action and Anthony Mackie The Falcon! April can’t come soon enough.