Can You Make A Career Out Of Sports Betting?

It’s no secret that Sports betting is booming right now and thanks to the coronavirus lockdowns across the globe, it’s become a more popular pastime with sports one of the first things to return and continue.

Sport is a worldwide phenomenon, and whether you are a fan of football, cricket, golf, tennis or horse racing, there are hundreds of countries around the globe that are participating on a daily basis.

There are practically sports taking place every minute of the day, which means the number of betting markets that are now available to sports betting customers is big than ever before.

They show no sign of slowing down either, and with the recent inventions of in-play betting and live streaming within bookmaker sites, punters are all able to watch a sporting event and even place a bet on it once it has started.

This makes the ability to make a career out of sports betting all the more accessible, and although it’s never easy, there has never been a better time to try and here’s why…

Only Bet What You Can Afford To Lose

Sports are massively popular with young adults, and if you are one of those, you’re likely to be a student or in an entry-level job with a lower income than the national average.

The key to gambling safely is betting to your pocket, so unless you’ve got endless amounts of money to be able to spend on having a bet, we wouldn’t advise trying to make a living out of betting on the Premier League or horse racing.

That’s not to say that you can’t have some fun, and it’s important to remember that as soon as it isn’t fun, it’s time to stop gambling.

Many bookmakers will offer a sportsbook as part of their offering, and as well as football betting which is hugely popular, the likes of horse racing, golf and tennis can now be regularly found in their markets.

Some bookies will even offer you an option on free bets when you register and deposit as a new customer. This essentially means you can place a bet without having to stake any cash of your own, so if you are new to the gambling world, this is always a good place to start.

Luck or Strategy?

With all forms of gambling, there is some element of luck involved. Often you are betting on the outcome of something that you can’t dictate, so being certain of a result is almost impossible to do.

However, professional gamblers all tend to stick to some kind of betting strategy, which is done to try and reduce the risk factor as much as possible.

Some will follow a stats based approach, by looking into a recent player’s form or how well a particular team has fared in the recent head-to-head.

Obviously, the betting odds are there to give you a guide on what is most likely. The shorter the odds, the more chance that particular thing has of happening, but you should never forget that these are only a guide, and the bigger odds can regularly come out on top.

The Markets Are Growing

The growth of sports is huge, but in 2020 the growth of eSports betting has been incredible, and if this year has taught us anything, it’s that eSports are here to stay.

You don’t need us to tell you how much is happening in the industry each day, and that means that eSports betting is only going to continue to get bigger.

New titles are getting released all the time, and so too are the range of betting markets that are available from bookmakers and betting sites around the globe.

That means betting tips and predictions are becoming increasingly popular for the sport and will only continue to keep getting bigger as the decade progresses.

So, although making a career out of eSports betting isn’t the greatest idea in the world, the gambling industry is now ingrained into the sport and the interest in it is progressing at a rapid rate.

Unless you have the money to lose, then just continue to enjoy the sport that you love and only have a flutter when it’s fun.