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CAMARANO Mortal Man gets 6.5/10

Mortal Man



Mortal Man is the latest offering from Perth engineer, writer and producer Mat Cammarano ahead of his debut EP Somebody Else and comes from years of Cammarano working behind the scenes with other artists.

It’s a beautiful, slow and ethereal track that tells the tragic story of Daedalus and Icarus from Daedalus’ point of view and rises to a crescendo at the end before cutting off. Knowing the story alone is enough to evoke powerful images but add in Cammarano’s voice and you are transported to another time and place.

It takes a certain kind of talent to really convey emotions truthfully and believably with mythological stories but Camarano has done so in a such a way that the track will continue to haunt you hours after listening to it. Mortal Man is the perfect song to either start your evening off right or help bring you down after a crazy night out.


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