CABLE TIES Sandcastles gets 7.5/10

Cable Ties 

Merge/Poison City 


Melbourne based Cable Ties (that’s the combination of Jenny McKechnie, Shauna Boyle, and Nick Brown) have revealed Sandcastles. Setting these three punk-rockers up for a noisy road ahead with the announcement of their second album Far Enough and coinciding tour dates, the album arrives on Friday, March 27 and is their international debut for Merge Records (Poison City in Australia and New Zealand) following the previous month’s single Tell Them Where To Go, which will also feature on the album.

Vocalist McKechnie’s statement alongside the release says that Sandcastles, “is a criticism of the idea that an effective activist community can be created by shouting down and casting out anyone who doesn’t abide by the social norms or language of an exclusive community or group.”

Chorus hook, “You don’t do anything because you know that people like you they, just don’t do anything at all but tear each other down,” screams energy and emotion in representing the threes forces for change. McKechnie’s singing is undoubtedly reminiscent of Sleater-Kinney, but the two punk acts differ musically, despite both also owning a cathartic approach.

Partnered with a music video which is stripped right back to basics, captured by director Danny Cohen on film, the shot cuts out the artist’s instruments with all colour removed in Cohen’s aim to create a clip free from distraction. Take the rage in vocals, passion in the music and aesthetically satisfying framework of the video and you’ve got yourself a true 70s inspired punk hit for today.