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Word has finally come down from the powers that be regarding the fate of The Bakery. The iconic venue will cease operations on Saturday, May 9, 2015.

The announcement was made in an email today, with the Bakery Team making the assurance that “…we’re focusing all our energy on giving the old girl the send-off she deserves. We’re really looking forward to all our faithful punters getting to enjoy the last few months, and we have a few big plans up our sleeves to ensure that you have ample chance to do so.”

Key to that is The Last Toast Bakery Farewell Series, which runs from Wednesday, April 29 until the last hurrah. Designed to showcase the incredible diversity of shows that the venue has played host to over the years, this is sure to be an impressive run of great nights.

For full information, head to The Bakery’s official site.


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