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BUTTERFINGERS @ Prince of Wales gets 8/10

Butterfingers @ Prince of Wales, Bunbury
w/ Rapaport, Webber
Saturday, April 21, 2018


It’s always upsetting when one of your fave bands announces they are no longer writing music together. It can hurt so bad that’s it’s almost as bad as a break up (if not worse) so when said band announces that they have gotten back together, released new music AND that they are heading out on a massive tour, the excitement and joy is real – especially seeing as the last time most of us saw Butterfingers was back in 2006.


It was Perth local Webber that opened the show at the Prince with Pacman, Don’t Vibe and Drugs. “What’s going on Bunbury? We had a big one last night and just getting back into it!” she told the crowd (not that you would have known by the way she was moving around on stage however). “Make some fucking noise Bunbury!” her DJ, Uncle Sam told everyone.

She finished her energetic set with Rogue One, Souvenir and Pop’n Locks. “This is the last one so let’s fucking rock!” she screamed out. Webber has an intensity about her that could be misinterpreted as slightly intimidating if it wasn’t for her obvious sense of humour. There aren’t enough female rappers so it’s always good to see women embracing this art-form.


Sydney artist Rapaport was next on stage and started with Claptrap/Anaconda and What Ya Know About. “Make some noise for Butterfingers all the way from Brisbane! I was here not long ago with my man Mathas. I represent a crew called Big Village,” he told us.

“Do you guys like freestyle rap?” he later asked the audience. The words given were lonesome, adrenalin, Tupperware and Mars Bar which he successfully incorporated into the song. He ended his set with Don’t Sweat, 100 Bars and Coming of Age where he got Butterfingers’ new drummer Tony McCall up. He’s got a melodic voice and plays guitar as well. Unfortunately though, by this stage, the crowd just wanted the main act on stage and he really had to work to get everyone on side with him.


There were wide grins all around, excitement was high, and screams engulfed the venue as Butterfingers finally took the stage. “How’s it fucking going you West Coast Coolies?” ‘Evil’ Eddie Jacobson asked as they started with a quick warm up session to Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger before moving straight into Is It Just Me, Mandarines and Queensland.

“Last time I was here, one of you mother fuckers stole my license plates! I just wanna know what you did with them!” he asked the audience as everyone started laughing before playing Dirt, Golden Age, Everytime and I Love Work with everyone singing along at the top of their lungs.


For Yo Mama, Jacobson chose someone out of the audience who knew all the words and Emma nailed it – even the rap part. They ended their set with FIGJAM and their new song Bullet To The Head with help from Rapaport. “Thank you Bunbury! You guys have been awesome!”

It may have been 12 years between drinks for some of us but once again, Butterfingers put on one hell of a show. It was like they had never been away. Not only did everyone in the room know all the lyrics but everyone in that room was just so happy to see Butterfingers back up on stage once more. Hopefully, next time won’t be such a long wait.

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