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Rooftop Movies will host its first-ever immersive screening this Fringe World, bringing Cher and Christina Aguilera’s hit movie Burlesque to life in Burlesque Cinema presents: Burlesque from Thursday, January 21 to Sunday, January 24. The event will feature live burlesque entertainment, followed by a screening of the movie…with a selection of showgirls stepping off the screen and strutting right to your seat, all complete with glitz, glamour, cocktails and lush views of the evening city skyline. MICHAEL HOLLICK caught up with the absolutely fabulous showgirls The Sugar Duchess, Peaches & Creme, Fifi Fontaine, Misty Falls and Lulu Liqueur to find out why it’s an event like no other and not one to be missed.

How would you describe your show in your own words?

SD: Hollywood meets burlesque in a live immersive movie showcase!

P&C: A cinematic burlesque experience where movies meet live entertainment in a unique setting

FF: A movie experience like no other.

MF: An exciting immersive extravaganza combing film and live performance.

LL: An immersive experience where the performers come to life – experience showgirls both on and off the screen!

And who do you think will enjoy Burlesque Cinema presents: Burlesque the most?

SD: This show is for the most fabulous among us all! Perfect for a girls night out, for those after the perfect mix of glamour and chill.

P&C: Anyone who is a lover of the movie Burlesque or who loves a good night out enjoying some local performers.

FF: Anyone who is a lover of the movie Burlesque or who has always been curious to explore the world of burlesque.

MF: Anyone who enjoys film, dance, art or shiny things!

LL: Fans of the movie Burlesque who are keen for a night out and enjoy live entertainment.

How long have you been preparing for Fringe 2021?

SD: Since 2019 – seriously! Costumes, rehearsals, set design…we work our ideas and acts across years to have our show brought to life.

P&C: From the moment Fringe 2020 finished our brains start planning for the next! So much prep goes into these shows!

FF: The cogs in the machine are always turning!

MF: When are we not preparing? Thoughts and ideas and music and glitter are always churning!

LL: Always! I’m constantly thinking of songs, costumes and choreography. Fringe is a great place to try out something new or bring something you feel passionate about to a new audience. Officially, Fringe prep kicked off around September last year.

Regarding this show, what are you most proud about?

SD: In the current weirdness that is the world right now, it’s the artists, both onstage and off, bringing the magic of this show to our audience. They are the sparkly heroes, empowering people to find happiness.

P&C: We are proud to be performing with a great bunch of local talented artists in a magnificent venue to a fantastic movie soundtrack.

FF: We are proud to present the audience with an experience like no other.

MF: I’m so proud that we get to celebrate live performance and art with the amazing WA audiences.

LL: I’m proud to have the opportunity to perform and possibly introduce the audience to live burlesque. If it inspires someone to want to learn burlesque, that would be amazing. Burlesque has had such an impact on me personally and professionally, I hope others get to experience it too.

What do you think differentiates your show from the other Fringe 2021 shows?

SD: We legit have it all! Exceptional live performers, cinematic wonder, cocktails, food, the comfort of deluxe beanbags – it’s bee’s knees!

P&C: Burlesque is a unique experience bringing movies and live burlesque performers together on a rooftop with the Perth city skyline as the backdrop…it’s pretty impressive and one of a kind!

FF: You get to kick back under the stars on a balmy Perth evening, soaking up neon skyline, watch the movie Burlesque and have it jump off the screen and right into your lap!

MF: Where else can you get movie, music, live performance and great food and cocktails?

LL: It’s movie meets live performance. The audience can sit back, eat, drink and watch a film while being entertained by live showgirls.

And finally, what fruit is your show most like? And why?

SD: It’s a pineapple, obviously! We all wear a crown, sweet on the inside, and are mighty fine with a cocktail!

P&C: Peaches for sure! Not only are we peaches and cream but you’re guaranteed to have a bootylicious time!

FF: A banana because you have to peel it and our cast will be peeling off their costumes.

MF: A cherry, because we’re juicy, plump, thick and sweet as!

LL: I’m going to go cheesy here and say a fruit salad – because we’re all different but just as fabulous!

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