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BRUFIELD Welcome Stranger


Brufield launch their debut EP, Cracked, at Jimmy’s Den this Friday, June 12, with help from The Milkmen, The Silent Deeds, Ghupi Street Illusionist and Diamond Dance. BOB GORDON chats to vocalist, Lisa Caulfield.

Your founded the band with Andy Brunn two years ago, what was your vision for Brufield from the outset?

Andy and I started out as a duo just mucking about with some songs and soon realised that there was something special and that they needed more like-minded musos on board to bring them to life . Once we had the full line-up and the five of us got in a room together, we knew we had to take this as far as we could.

Describe the road so far for Brufield leading up to this debut EP?

So far, Brufield have had amazing opportunities here in WA.

Gaining a spot at Big Day Out 2014 amongst the likes of Pearl Jam, Snoop Lion, Arcade Fire… to name a few. Having played other local festivals like Midlandia and Mandurah Crab Fest, 2014 was a busy but successful first year for the band.

2015 has seen us grow and evolve the music which finally led us into the studio to lay down this EP.

Given it’s your first extended release, what did you want to convey of the band?

The band has organically transitioned from pop/rock to being predominantly nostalgic rock-themed on this EP, as it’s where the foundations of Brufield began. Performing pop music is something we thrive on, however the rockier edge shows the true talents of the band as a whole and grips the listener from the get-go. We want the listener to feel every word, not just listen and sing along – and these songs do that. When you see a stranger at a gig sing back the lyrics at the end chorus, you know you’ve done your job as a writer.

What have been your best live performance experiences so far?

The best live performance so far would have to be the BDO. What makes it more special is that it was the last one held in WA, so that’s something we can tell the grandkids. Not many bands having been only together a few months can say they played BDO with such massive musical legends

With the EP now released, what are the plans from here?

Now that we are launching this long-awaited EP it’s time to get on the road and get into people’s ears that haven’t heard about us . We are planning some travel to promote the band and the EP then hopefully gain some exposure to further our musical love around the globe.

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