with Rag N’ Bone
Saturday, December 17, 2016
Club Capitol

After twelve years of experience as a live band you’d expect British India to put on a good show, but on Saturday, December 17, they blew those expectations out of the water.

Their stage presence is electric, it is impossible to take your eyes off them as they work the stage. The sheer amount of sweat coating the shirts of the band members was proof enough of how much energy they were giving into every single song and physical performance.

After over an hour between the opening act, Rag N’ Bone, who warmed the crowd with their tight sound and fierce, engaging lyrics, British India finally entered the stage in a incredibly casual and cool manner, presenting their laid back but professional style.

Their discography covering an extensive career works together incredibly well, there is a clear style among all of their tracks but also a progression. As they moved into their later tracks, experimentation was clear with variation in style and genre.

Their latest track I Thought We Knew Each Other received a rise from the audience, with every pair of ears lapping up every moment. Strong head-banging was being demonstrated from not only the band but the audience as they lavished in every strong riff and heavy break.


I Can Make You Love Me was a refreshing change with its slower tempo and distinctive lyrics. The song showcased the bands range, going from heavy rock to slower tunes, performing both with extreme passion and precision.

It was clear the audience were mostly die-hard fans with the majority knowing every word to every song . They danced and writhed throughout the entire set, completely mesmerised by the energy the band gave out.

At one stage lead singer, Declan Melia, asked the audience what songs they would like to see performed, to which one fan replied ‘whatever you want to perform’. Declan was visibly taken back, saying he was the most selfless fan he had ever met in his life.

Towards the end of the set, Declan announced they would perform only one track from their first album Controller which was to be Plastic Souvenirs. The song instantly resonated with the audience, affirming their support for the band throughout their extensive career. The band seemed excited to perform one of their earlier hits, a flashback to their early roots.

At one stage the Capitol floor was physically shaking from the power of the mosh-jumps which were in response to those demonstrated on stage by the band.

The bands ability to navigate the stage and each other was impressive, showing what a well-oiled machine they are. Their spontaneity as performers is refreshing, showing that each song is unique, rather than a choreographed performance.

For their final song they chose Wrong Direction, arguably their most famous hit. This was the perfect finale as it ignited the audience and got the entire Capitol room dancing. Their solid performance topped off an amazing gig, showing that over time the band have only continued to grow and develop.

The audience ranged in ages from young to old, displaying the bands ability to captivate people regardless of age and gender. Everyone seemed incredibly pumped with the gig, walking away with the feeling that British India are still one of the best in the business.