BRITISH INDIA Be their Midnight Homies

After touring non stop last year for their album Forgetting the Future, British India are returning to WA in June. The band will hit The Newport Hotel on Friday, June 1, Badlands Bar on Saturday, June 3 and will play a secret show in Scarborough on Sunday, June 3.

This new tour is in celebration of the band’s most recent single, taken from Forgetting the Future. Midnight Homie has been described as some of Declan Melia’s best lyricism yet. Lou Reed once said, “My week beats your year”, but British India have upped those stakes, touting, “My night is better than your whole life.”

The track has become a fan favourite, and a staple in the band’s live set, along side other hits, Precious, Suddenly and I Can Make You Love Me. 

Listen to Midnight Homie below. British India play The Newport Hotel on Friday, June 1, Badlands Bar on Saturday, June 2, and a secret show in Scarborough on Sunday, June 3. Tickets on sale now.