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Saturday, May 21, 2016

 Brillz. There’s no real question about it. He is one of the trap greats of our time. He’s got his own clothing lines, his own vape flavor, coined the term ‘twonk’ and completely and utterly committed to his touring Twonk Bus lifestyle – evolving party music through his admirable sobriety.

After a string of impressive headliners in the ways of Valentino kahn, Bixel Boys, Milo & Otis and Jvst Say Yes, Brillz was the icing on the cake to Japan 4’s Social Sounds Saturdays. Running for over 15 years now, J4 is a true testament to the turnt-up reputation Perth seems to hold. That being said, it was disappointing in terms of the lack of commitment shown by the rest of Perth that night. For an artist who has played to over 100,000 people, cyclone winds still shouldn’t have been an excuse for anyone!

Support act, Enschway, with his cute blonde bowl cut, started to turn it up a notch with a few nice Porter Robinson tracks Easy and Sad Machine sprinkled throughout his set. His approach was unique and twinkly with licks of that bass that weren’t too aggressive but just enough to keep you boogying away. More of his playfulness came out in the tracks we heard from his recently released Friendschway EP with Bring It Back just choc-a-block full of power and that Timezone collaboration with Perth boy Luude. Looking forward to seeing even bigger things come from this kid.

Then the man of the hour, Brillz, just came in straight blazing. Jumped on that mic with a squeaky little mouse voice telling us to turn the hell up and from the get-go had a ridiculous high energy that got an intimate loyal posse raging.

Going in strong with that hard style Yellow Claw, he flipped that club on its head and said ‘Perth if u don’t give a fuck, put your middle fingers up’ and so we did. Flips on flips of turn up anthems such as Burial, Too Turnt Up, Bangarang and Prison Riot, were made just that much better by his drive and vigour. He threw down his own J-Biebs Sorry bootleg and thanked us for his support with Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You.’ Brillz jumped and rallied and screamed and gave it as much as he would any crowd and as a fan one couldn’t be more grateful.


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