BRETT BLAKE: BOGAN GENIUS @ The Laugh Resort gets 7.5/10

Brett Blake Bogan Genius @ The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Few people are more proudly Australian than self-appointed Bogan Genius, Brett Blake, and even fewer make it work on stage quite like the Forrestfield comedian. A show with a distinctly Aussie flavour, Brett Blake is not to be missed. 

Blake gives you exactly what it says on the tin, blaring AC/DC’s greatest hits back to back (to back) pre-show, and leaving the crowd with no doubt as to what they’re in for. Blake’s all action, in your face, onstage persona was by no means surprising given the introduction. 

Starting with some witty back and forth banter with the front row, Blake instantly got the crowd where he wanted them, and for the most part kept them there for the rest of the night. He was instantly relatable with his jokes and real life anecdotes from his childhood.

Childhood and growing up in suburban Australia were really the central themes of the show, and as Blake moved through his set, he always came back to time at school, or out of school more likely due to suspension. His words, not mine. 

Stories of Round the Twist in the library, barcodes and British Bulldogs, filled to the brim with nostalgia, were a clever way to get people casting their minds back and on Blake’s wavelength. His struggles in the classroom, which he ultimately overcame, gave the gig a narrative of sorts that really added to the entertainment value. 

And while many of his anecdotes about schoolyard pranks and classroom banter hit the mark, his best moments were due to well-constructed, thought-out jokes that often ironically had an improvised fluidity to them. His 45 minute set up to the final joke of the night, complete with props and all, was superb, and showed real comedic and writing talent. 

Outside of the comedy, perhaps the most interesting part of the show was the time Blake gave to his experiences growing up with ADHD and dyslexia, and the resulting time he spent on prescription medication. Without getting too serious about it all, it was a nice touch that added some emotional depth to his act. 

There was a slight sticky moment towards the end of the set, due to some troublesome members of the crowd, but any threat of derailment was quickly avoided with Blake’s quick wit and ability to keep the mood and spirits high all night. 

Overall the show was a success. Brett Blake is certainly no slouch with mic in hand, and gave the people in the room a Thursday night to remember.