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Boys Boys Boys!

Boys Boys Boys!
Boys Boys Boys!

Get A Move On

Boys Boys Boys! battle Axe Girl in a double single launch this Friday, May 23, at The Bakery. BOB GORDON chats with Jerico Wallace.

Tell us a little bit about the song, We Like To Move?

With We Like To Move the title is pretty self explanatory. We like dancing! Lots and lots. I was inspired by a CSS song one day about getting your move on and how important it is. I just thought, ‘heck yeah dancing is a super important factor in my life, its something I’m really passionate about, so lets sing about that!’ And make other people dance too of course!

What’s up in the future for Boys Boys Boys!?

Well we’ve just recruited our new member (Addison) Axe, who is rad. So it’s all feeling fresh and fun and exciting again. We’re looking forward to writing some new material so we keep bringing the party to P-town. I wanna conquer Japan and tour with 2NE1! Whilst riding unicorns. But we’ll see.

How can you battle with Axe Girl when you share a member?!

Haha, oh don’t you worry we’re gonna battle Axe Girl on the d-floor alright! But in the friendliest, funnest way possible of course. Cause everybody loves everybody really!

How’s the night looking as an all out showbiz experience?

Its gonna be crazy fun times! We’ve got Mega Wyatt as MC on the night and he is an awesome nutbag. Surfer pixie punkers Surf Rabbits are coming to the party also. Axe Girl are nutting out a sick ‘90s cover to battle our sick, top secret ‘90s cover we’ll be dropping.

There’s also going to be an epic dance battle after the bands, just for ridiculous fun’s sake. There is an instructional dance video on YouTube and our Facebook page for people to learn either the Axe Girl or Boys Boys Boys! dance moves for the night. Or both! Whatever you like, just come join in on the rump shakin’! Then DJ Koko – um, that’s me – will be spinning some pumping ‘90s techno and pop hits to keep ya’ll moving. There’s going to be so much fist pumping. Its gonna be a paaaarty!

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