Boris The Blade

Boris The BladeRecent visitors to Perth, Boris The Blade, have just released their debut LP, The Human Hive. Vocalist, Daniel Sharp, speaks with AARON BRYANS about broken faces and bloody moshes.

Deathcore is a hit and miss genre, built on its brutality and technical musicianship.

For Boris The Blade, their 2011 EP, Tides Of Damnation, was an instant hit with fans of the genre, receiving mass attention across Australia and internationally. Full of intense blast beats, soul-crunching vocals and thunderous breakdowns, the release also featured CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder.

“Me and him, we’re just good mates,” vocalist, Daniel Sharp explains. “It was just a matter of popping into the studio and I said, ‘this is the gap you’re doing’ and we did it. We already had the song written, so we told him about the project we were starting and he came in and did that.”

Boris The Blade have signed to UK label Siege Of Amida Records and in Australia with RTD Records, for The Human Hive, in all respects a long-awaited debut.

“I definitely think it’s more mature, we tried to develop our own sort of sound” Sharp says. “It’s really hard to make a technical song sound simple as it is to make a simple song sound technical; so we tried to make the songs a lot more well structured so it’s not too confusing and still heavy and still brutal but you know what’s going on.

“We went to Matt, and decided to go with him again because we loved the sound he got from the EP and we were really comfortable working with him. We went up to the Sunshine Coast for a couple of weeks and basically sat there on the computer with him and he helped us out with a bit of structure and just getting an overall sound we were happy with. It was 10 days straight. We started at nine in the morning and finished at 11 at night. It was long days and was really tiring, but it all came out great so I can’t wait to get it out.”

The guys officially kicked off their Human Hive tour last month at the Academy, alongside an all ages show at YMCA HQ.

“It was good to be back,” Sharp says. “It was probably the fourth time we’ve been here now. It seems that the fanbase has definitely grown here.”

Playing shows alongside All Shall Perish and Parkway Drive; Sharp has seen his fair share of crazy and unforgettable live moments.

“We once played a show in Newcastle and we had a guy with a dislocated knee after the show and watching people try to pull that back into place was pretty full on,” he recalls. “Any memory of someone getting their face broken or blood… we played a show in Adelaide and there was white tiles and blood all over the floor including the bathroom.”