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Some Songs


Bored Nothing is the bedroom project for Fergus Miller who has collected his favourite home recordings on his self-titled debut. The follow up, Some Songs, features a more considered approach with Miller writing the songs specifically for this release and graduating from the four-track recorder that had been his staple to date.

There may be a step up in fidelity on Some Songs, but that hasn’t led Miller to hand over the reigns. He plays all of the instruments on the album except for during the smooth tones of Don’t Get Sentimental where Jacob Knauth (Major Leagues) and Neal Apel (Rolls Bayce) make a brief appearance. The strength of Some Songs though, is in the restrained delivery of Miller which is bound to reinforce him being likened to Elliott Smith.

Bored Nothing draw on the sounds of the ’90s whilst giving the songwriting a modern slant. By embracing the studio and an eight-track, Miller has shown that he can add some sparkle to his strong sense of song. Ice-Cream Dreams is the type of song that may not scream ‘hit’ at first airing but sneaks up on you like a mother entering a room when you’re exploring forbidden teenage pursuits.

There is no doubt that Miller has shown that he is a talent in the making with previous Bored Nothing output, and with Some Songs he has made a record that pushes him further up the ranks, leapfrogging his peers on the way.

4.5 stars


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