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BOOK WEEK Q&A Page turner

Next week sees an opportunity to preview a new Australian dark comedy a few weeks before it hits the cinemas, and a chance to find out what inspired the director. Writer/ director Heath Davis will be holding a special screening of Book Week at the Luna Leederville on Monday, November 19, with a Q&A by Cinema Australia’s Matthew Eeles.

A sold-out comedy hit at this year’s Melbourne Film Festival, Book Week follows washed out novelist turned English teacher, Nicholas Cutter (Alan Dukes), as he struggles to get his career back on track. Besides struggling to get his students to pay attention to something other than their iPhones, Cutter’s attempt to revive his career (by writing a pulpy zombie novel) is threatened by the most chaotic week of the school year: Book Week.

As the film is inspired by Davis’ own stint as a teacher, there’s no doubt that the Q&A is going to have some interesting things to say about the film, and the events that inspired it.

 Book Week Q&A at Luna Leederville takes place on Monday, November 19.

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