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BOO SEEKA Live wire

Electro-pop star Boo Seeka has unveiled a surprising new acoustic-driven single, Tripwire. In a complete change of pace for the Sydney artist, the deeply heartfelt and expressive song, out Thursday, August 19, mourns the loss of normalcy.

Accompanying the release is a video clip, aligned in essence and feel with soft, raw, and natural visuals filmed on a farm in WA’s own Margaret River, capturing the haunting loneliness of the track.

To celebrate the release of Tripwire, Boo Seeka will be hitting the road on a national tour over September and October, rounding things up at Magnet House in Perth on Saturday, October 16.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, and the reason why he decided to strip it all back to basics, Boo Seeka explained, “The songwriting for Tripwire is really direct, I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve with this one… I realised I was writing about myself, and the stuff I was going through, which was hitting me pretty hard if I’m being honest.”

“It’s super different to the typical Boo Seeka sound, but the diversity of the upcoming album is something I’m very proud of, and releasing it as the first single is the perfect way to kick it off.”

The video for Tripwire is simple, stark, and contemplative. Speaking on the creation of the clip, Boo said, “Originally I was going to fly to WA to shoot this clip but COVID once again got in the way. My manager Cohen and his mate, Lachlan Ross (of production company Halves and Quarters) set out with Meg Charnaud (actor) on a last-minute adventure to shoot the clip on a farm close to Margaret River, Western Australia. Lachy is the mastermind behind the whole thing, and I love the beauty of it. It’s a simple yet effective clip capturing the emotion of trying to run away from all things negative. Something myself and everyone around me is going through right now.”

While the new track might be more of a solemn affair, fans can still look forward to a lively performance from Boo Seeka on the tour. “When people come to a Boo Seeka live show, I really want to put on a night where people can leave their troubles at home, smile, and just have a whole heap of fun,” he said.

Boo Seeka’s new single Tripwire is out now. Boo Seeka hits Magnet House on Saturday, October 16. For more info and to buy tickets head to

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