BODY TYPE Teeth gets 8.5/10

Body Type
Inertia Music/Partisan Records


Body Type, an all female four-piece band from Sydney, have been gaining much attention of late and new track Teeth makes it easy to see why, proving it is all certified.

The track is accompanied by the nostalgic video which takes inspiration from 90s animated cartoons (who doesn’t love Daria?) and was created by local Sydney artists Nicholas Griffith and Rikki Clark. The video takes you on a journey on what is likely to be the best trip to the dentist you’ll ever experience.

Teeth seems to literally be about about, well… teeth. But is it? Like most things, there are always metaphors to be found, and when it comes to teeth, some could include; imperfections you either learn to live with or try to correct, pain, space, universal dislikes and leaving something behind when you die.

The lighthearted moniker of teeth and its subtle undertones are perfectly reflected musically – the song is full of stunning riffs, Sophie McComish’s killer vocals and dramatic earworm arrangements. The upbeat garage sounds are captured and measured perfectly in Teeth, it is the right proportions of effortless joy and concept.

Currently touring their debut self-titled EP, Body Type will be playing at Mojos this Friday, November 16, alongside Grievous Bodily Calm, FLOSSY and CALMLY DJs (Tickets can be found at Oztix), as well as the Fire Station in Busselton on Saturday.

The music Body Type makes is pretty much impossible not to like, it’s full of groove, big crunching chords, seamless chemistry, and minimalist, toe-tapping indie goodness. Whilst this is also existent in Teeth, the track has a little more pep and drive than the new EP’s counterpart songs, but its Sophie McComish’s vocals that really elevate Teeth to new levels and ensure the band are a force to be reckoned with.