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Bobby Alu


A Family Affair

For Charles Wall, Bobby Alu was but an alter ego upon the release of his self-titled debut LP in 2010.

Now Bobby Alu has not only expanded into a band, but as Walls has it, a family on the second album, Take It Slow.

“Our sound has formed over the past couple of years touring around the country,” he says. “This collaboration is very much the sound that exists now which you hear on the album. The first album was entirely solo and writing the second album with my mates was a rad and fulfilling experience that I’ll never forget.

“The bond is tight. We’ve known each other for so long and been a part of so many other projects it was such a great feeling to finally tour together. The sound of the music we play is already fun and positive and there’s no guessing that we really have a good time performing together.”

Guitarist, Paulie B,  has certainly stepped up on this album, taking on the role of producer and inviting the band (sorry, family) into his studio.

“There’s no doubt Paulie B is an integral part of Bobby Alu,” Walls says. “He has so much experience and talent that is evident from his time with his previous bands George, The Beautiful Girls and more.

“Most of all he’s a bloody good mate. He and the bass player,  Stewart Barry, went to primary school together. His studio is our HQ. It’s got a perfect mix of current gear vs. classic retro mics and preamps – we call it Hifi Lofi. There was no question in keeping the second album in the family, it felt right and I’m stoked it’s happened.”

Walls has spent the last 12 months touring as percussionist for Xavier Rudd. There’s much that he brings back to Bobby Alu from that experience.

“It’s been out of this world,” he says. “The man is amazing. I didn’t really know what to expect and at the end of his tour I hold so much respect for him. I got to visit so many places around North America over a heavy two-month tour in a bus in this crazy world of sold-out shows and festivals of 15-20,000.

“I guess I’m bringing back all that experience. On the road you meet so many inspiring people and see so much beauty in the world but equally you see the opposite. I wish to promote and encourage the good and the positive.”

Now that he’s back to Bobby Alu and the album second album has been released, there’s new experiences to look forward to.

“First and foremost I’m excited to release it in WA this week!” Walls says. “We’ve had such good times there on previous tours and no doubt it will happen again on this current tour. We are just stoked that it’s out, that our idea and hard work is now available for others to listen and share. I hope people can put the album on and chill out for 50 minutes against the hustle and bustle of what life’s become.”




Bobby Alu’s WA tour kicks off this Friday, October 11, at Clancy’s Fremantle; then Saturday, October 12, at the Indi Bar; Sunday, October 13, at Clancy’s Dunsborough; Thursday, October 17, at Mojos; Friday, October 18, at the Prince Of Wales, Bunbury, and  Saturday-Sunday, October 19-20, at Settlers Tavern, Margaret River.

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