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BOAT SHOW Toxic gets 8/10

Boat Show


Boat Show continue where they left off with their new single, Toxic, the second single lifted from their forthcoming sophomore album due early 2018. Coming in at just under ninety seconds, their body positive message comes through loud and clear over the lively, catchy number. The longer the track goes, the bouncier and more joyous it gets.

Toxic comes brash, angry and sarcastic. It makes a pretty blunt point about expectations of feminine beauty, the destructive nature of the media pushing its agenda, and the means used by women to meet these standards.

Though their revelations and riffs aren’t anything new, the track is fun and boisterous. It grips with it’s simplicity and conviction, exactly as you’d hope. Boat Show ask if they “look good now?”. I couldn’t care less about that, they’re sounding bloody brilliant.


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