Bo Ningen


Line The Wall

Stolen Recordings

We’ve all heard some weird music in our lives. That’s what friends are truly for. Japanese psychedelic rock quartet, Bo Ningen, know the meaning of an orthodox sound… and have harnessed it to perfection.

Weeks before their appearance at Big Day Out; the London-based collective have released their second LP Line The Wall, an album that breaks down the boundaries of modern music and takes listeners on an hypnotic journey of melodic riffs, atmospheric settings and unique structures. Sure it’s in Japanese, but who cares? The music itself is a showcase of the endless possibilities psychedelic rock has to offer, and whilst none of the tracks would be ‘singles of the year’, the album itself is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is rare in this day and age.

From the pumping drum tempos and echoing lead guitar in opening track Soko, to the groovy and unpredictable beats in Nichijyou, Bo Ningen simply unleash themselves as they see fit. Confident in their sound and daring to push conventional barriers, Line The Wall will convince you to add these guys to your Big Day Out timetable.