Drink And Laugh



There’s only one way to sum up Blindspot’s debut LP, and that’s 31 minutes of reckless, flamboyant, ‘90s punk… and it’s awesome.

The four-piece from Perth have combined youthful bravado and musical brilliance to compose one hell of a ride, ranging from the trumpet-filled, Hawaiian vibe of Ska Wars to the in-your-face, fast-paced Drinking.

The band’s themes are boundless; whether they’re ripping into metal bands in Breakdown In E, encouraging fans to like their Facebook page in Facebook Song or charming listeners in Drink and Laugh; the LP will leave you with numerous one-liners and a ton of laughs.

Stand-out moments include the groovy bass in Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box, loosing your ‘virgin’ ears in My Mate Nick and trying your hardest to take the boys seriously in Something Serious.

The last decade has seen the genre of punk expand into an endless range of sounds leaving behind the aura and energy of classic ‘90s punk. So all one can say is thank you Blindspot. Drink And Laugh is exactly the boisterous and rambunctious sound punk needed again.