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BLINDSPOT Eye On The Prize


Perth punks Blindspot launch their EP, You’re So Phony, at Amplifier this Saturday, January 17, with support from The Light The Dark, Alex The Kid, Pitt The Elder and Scalphunter. Time for a quick word with guitarist, Mark Gregson.

What’s the Blindspot story? Give us a quick history.

Basically Swainy (vocalist Ben Swain) and I reunited at Soundwave and drunkenly spoke about starting a punk band – as you do – and crazy thing is, he remembered the next day. So we starting jamming and brought Az (bassist, Az Scene) along and Steve (Sixxo) is our sixth drummer we had in a year, hence his nickname, Six. But we been together for two years now as one sexual unit.

What’s your sound? Who are your influences?

Our influences are heavy ’90s fat wreck¬†punk combined with some ska and a healthy dose of beer.

Tell us about the EP.

The EP is called You’re So Phony. It consists of 5 tracks about phone obsession, trolling Blindspot fans, not bringing enough beer to a party, being average and the hardest decision of them all: do you want a red can or a green can.

Where did you record and who with? How did it go?

We recorded with local legend Todd Fishwick at Wail Records, a newbie to the scene and front man to Castle Bravo. We recorded over about a week as a whole and it great. Todd really got the best out of us and he has a sneaky guest vocal in there.

What’s your writing process like?

Usually Swainy or myself will come in with a song idea and then it gets deconstructed and pretty much it wont sound anything like it had originally sounded. That’s how we write.

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