BLEEDING KNEES CLUB Case gets 7.5/10

Bleeding Knees Club
Inertia Music


Following a new line-up and the release of their Chew the Gum EP in April, east coast indie rebels Bleeding Knees Club have just dropped new single, Case. A tasty offering of their, currently unnamed, second LP, due out sometime in May 2018.

Case is simply a song about work, more specifically, the turmoils of being stuck in the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, office job. Based loosely on Wall’s own experience of the office life and the often less than desirable, mind-numbing, tasks and boredom associated with it, welcome to adulting dude.

The first verse sets a scene many of us are all too familiar with, “Staring out my window, I’d watch the world passing me by / Watching the clock count down, so slowly I could die / My brain is fried, from working 9 to 5”. C’mon, who hasn’t experienced or thought this once or twice, or every day, as they sat at their desk waiting for the minute hand to hit quitting time. At least Wall got a window to look out of, lucky bastard.

Case itself is a simple but hell of a catchy tune and is guaranteed to be a notable summertime jam. Formed with some unruly guitar riffs over a fairly subtle rolling bassline that together create an uplifting beat, it’s topped off with some catchy vocals.

Overall, Case is a boisterous and rebellious song that we can all relate to in some way or another at some point in our often-mundane office lives. Though it’s lyrics, on the sometimes suckiness of office life, may seem less than motivational in the work situation, Case in fact does the opposite. It can’t help but induce good feelings and will definitely provide that post lunch motivation we often find ourselves needing.