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Blake Hate

Blake Hate, time to pass the hat around
Blake Hate, time to pass the hat around

 X-Ray Specsavers

Local punk icon Blake Hate, (The Reptilians, Rockin’ Bowl, Feel Lucky Punk, Emu Xperts and more) has a condition known as Keratoconus and is in desperate need of new spectacles, so the community will rally to the cause at the Osborne Park Bowling Club this Sunday, May 18, from 2pm with Tooth & Claw, Yokohomos, Loners, Emu Xperts, Catbrush, Cavalier, Aborted Tortoise, The Painkillers, The Pissedcolas and Fucking Teeth for a fundraiser affectionately and appropriately called Stop Blake Bumping Into Things.

How bad is this bumping into things scenario? 

For the moment it’s relatively okay, say between one and four times a week I have eye spasms where I can’t see out of an eye for 10 minutes to half-an-hour then deal with headaches afterwards that last a few hours, the benefit will get me some decent specks that will do for a meantime solution and help me pay to see various specialists and work out the best treatment for me. So far I’ve been recommended cornea transplants but I’d like to get a few more opinions before copping a scalpel to my eyes.

Does it make playing gigs difficult in any way?

Other then spilling my beer and accidently stepping on guitar tuners, not really. Not being able to hold down work with my condition gives me a lot of time to live in the music world.

Tell us about the bands on the bill – there’s familiar bands and familiar faces in new bands… 

Start from the top, I guess…

Fucking Teeth, who are some fucking great people. Pete Bibby and I use to be housemates, he drew attention to the fact I was in need and helped in getting the ball rolling. Adam and Anetta are top folk, also, it’s great cow punk with a Western Australian suburban twist.

Pissedcolas is, a guess, post-punk. I really love their sound and the Spanish lyrics I think their songwriter singer Fabian is one of Perth’s greatest imports.

Painkillers are a heart-warming addition to have on the line-up; I couldn’t help but think if my mother were alive she’d be really proud I was putting on gigs and playing on the same bills as the great James Baker, not to mention Joe being one of the most genuine people you can meet. Aborted Tortoise are young crew dropping jaws wherever they go; really rocking sound, I think, these guys will be Perth’s next big thing. Cavalier – Perth grunge lords who don’t mind sinking a red can or 20.

Catbrush – great female fronted rock act… well hell, just a great rock act featuring everyone’s favourite door girl.

My newest project the Emu Xperts – we play loud, fast garage rock I have to say I’ve never had so much fun. I’d say we are for fans of Dwarves, Zeke, Cosmic Psychos and Motorhead.

The Loners –  I’ve known their bassist as long as I’ve been doing shows in pubs and was so pleased to see him out gigging again. It helps that it’s some of the best pub rock I have heard in half a decade.

Yokohomos – last time I saw them the frontman was shirtless and wearing skintight rainbow spandex. Man, that was the best 60th birthday I have ever been to!

Opening – but not deserving to – we have Tooth & Claw, formally known as the Beverly Killbillies. You might of seen them shake things up at the Scotto on New Year’s.

Post old school Hydey and other punk-simpatico venues such as The Castle, how’s the punk community going in terms of working together and changing the scene… as in bowling club gigs and other alternative venue choices?

Well the Osborne Park Bowling Club might be great for a Sunday afternoon sesh, they’re not too keen on having loud, aggressive acts play. Basically after the Hydey we never really recovered completely we had the Den for a while it wasn’t as good but they would have us. We’ve started putting on a lot more house shows which is great, it’s fun. It’s a sad day when pubs and booking agents make you jump through hoops and kiss arse so you can bring thirsty punters into their venue, some people in that scene have the best intentions, but aren’t able to help. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of room for the lighter or rocker side of punk venues like YaYas, Beat, Rocketroom. But those sporting darker heavier sounds are left in the lurch as they don’t inspire too much of a walk in crowd.

It would be great if we had an open-minded venue in the city that put music before money but I can see that it’s not gonna happen anytime soon and why so? But, nonetheless, we have our living rooms, garages, uncle’s workshops, mate’s art studios and whatnot and they are proving to be more fun.

What have you got coming up in the future gig and otherwise? 

Me and Jarrad of Cavalier/Emu Xperts run a Sunday sesh at the Osborne Park Bowls Club every week that’s going well. We’ve got loads of gigs with Emu Xperts (459 on Saturday, May 31; Yayas on Friday, June 6; Flyrite on Friday, June 13) and the hardcore band I vocal for, The Reptilians, will be supporting Rust Proof on Thursday, May 30, at 459 as well as supporting The Hard-Ons at the Railway Hotel on Sunday, June 1, and headlining a show on Friday, June 13, at the Swan Basement.

Who knows, maybe if I wasn’t getting offered so many shows I’d bother to put more on, but one a week is good enough at the moment, I guess.



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