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BLACK STONE FROM THE SUN Sleep Deprivation gets 7/10

Black Stone From The Sun
Sleep Deprivation


After impatiently waiting for a full album release from Perth darlings Black Stone From The Sun since their inception in 2012, their first studio album, Dreamalysis, has just been released.

The first track, Sleep Deprivation starts off slow and sedate before hitting you hard with its gritty, hard, loud and fast beat. The rough vocals of Sean Mackey and the intense drumming of Jack Nelson only serve to complement their unique sound. It’s the perfect combination and you can just feel that the transition from recording to live will be even better; even more powerful.

If this track is any indication (along with previous releases Paralysed In Dreams and My Tibetan Funeral), you just know that the rest of the album will have been worth the long wait.

It’s been a great, rocking journey with Black Stone From The Sun so far and this reviewer, for one, can’t wait to see what they do next.


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