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BLACK MASS YOGA You want it darker?

Do you love yoga but Enya doesn’t do it for you? If the dulcet tones of rainforest harmonies aren’t centring your chi and Metallica is more your mojo, then Black Mass Yoga may be the thing for you! The creation of Perth local, Oli Francis, Black Mass Yoga combines alternative music and vinyasa yoga to develop an intensive workout that challenges the preconceived notions of traditional yoga. You can head along every Friday evening, 6pm at the Ballroom of the Old Peninsula Hotel in Maylands.

As a musician and a yoga instructor, Oli has combined two elements that traditionally don’t mix but somehow in this context they do.  The resulting atmosphere he creates is perfectly suited to get into the downward dog to Deafheaven or salute the sun to Sepultura.

Each week, Oli creates a unique playlist that includes awesome tunes from a variety of alternative genres like black metal, heavy metal, goth, post-punk and ambient to name a few; he says “if it’s good and it works, then he will play it.”

This is a great alternative to the typical yoga classes that can sometimes leave you walking away with an acute case of imposter syndrome as it welcomes all types of people no matter their style and level.

Black Mass Yoga runs every Friday evening at 6pm and takes place in the Ballroom of the Old Peninsula Hotel in Maylands. The hour class is $10. More information can be found here.

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