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BJORK The Gate gets 6.5/10

The Gate


Björk Guðmundsdóttir offers up more than just a beautiful icelandic name. Her music has been tantalising ear drums for nothing shy of 30 years. In that time she’s brought to the table unmistakeable classics, as well as music so experimental it leaves your mouth agape and eyes blinking in disbelief. Thankfully, her latest offering is perfectly “Björk”… in the good way.

Any die hard fans know that the one true way to really enjoy her music is through an exceptional set of headphones. And why is this? It’s because Björk is an artist in the purest sense of the word, who meticulously scrutinises every aspect of her artform, right down to the silken, immaculate sound production.

The Gate begins with a stripped back flute and vocal medley and gradually swells into a vast, all-encompassing soundscape, where you’re forgiven if you close your eyes and drift off into an audible oblivion.

Whilst the technodelic music video is definitely worth a watch, it might be worth avoiding if you’re on a course of strong medication or experiencing the late stages of dehydration.

The lyrics certainly aren’t about to give Bob Dylan a run for his money, but people who have followed the Icelandic performer from the beginning will welcome this latest gift with open arms and big smiles. Having released Vulnicura in 2015, her new album Utopia (due in November) suggests the rails are holding firm and Björk is on track. We’re lovingly presented with a track that fans will comfortably embrace, and an album that may even embrace us back.


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