BILL DARBY Launches New EP ‘Satellites’ at the Bassendean Hotel


Delivering the goods yet again, Bill Darby returns to the Perth indie scene to offer us an intimately minimalist follow up EP to his acclaimed first solo album The Buzz and The Bloom entitled Satellites.

The EP will launch February 3 in a night jam packed with diverse and dreamy tunes at the Bassendean Hotel from 7:30pm. With support from acts Ghost Drums, The Wine Dark Sea, and Low Maintenance, the evening will serve as Darby’s last hurrah before jetting off to the East Coast!

Satellites is a magical drop of timeless and heartfelt music with an energy that transports you to a long coastal drive. The songs were recorded with a three-piece band featuring Kate Feutrill, Andrew Bernsousa and co-produced with none other than Ghost Drums Pete Guazzelli who will also make an appearance performing at the launch this Friday in support and farewell of Darby.

The new material from Bill Darby feels personal and is a triumphant solo venture with distinctive hints of his broad musical history working with the quirky 90’s rock band O! Bill’s keen interest in traditional rock instrumentation and exploration of electronic looping and sampling pushes boundaries and creates a distinctive sound. The EP as a whole is a conglomeration of well-balanced eclectic tunes such as Destroy the Sun, his final song which has a taste of David Bowie about the electronic sounds and layered vocals.

A cool beer on a summer Friday evening paired with Darby’s masterful new tracks swelling the air will go down a treat to kick off the weekend at the Bassendean Hotel this weekend.