BILL BRYSON Getting to know your body

Bill Bryson
 is coming to Perth’s Riverside Theatre on Tuesday, September 3, with his latest endeavour Bill Bryson – Observations on Life and the Human Body, Live on Stage, presented by Lateral Events.

Best known for his wickedly sassy travel books, Bill Bryson undertook the gigantean task of providing a layman’s take on science in the best-selling A Short History of Nearly Everything. For the past three years, he’s been taking a good long look at the human body, resulting in his soon-to-be-released tome The Body; A Guide for Occupants.

With his homing instinct for the funniest and quirkiest, his unerring eye for the idiotic, the endearing, the ridiculous and the scandalous, fans can expect Bryson to exercise his razor-sharp wit in sharing his globe-trotting travel experiences, his forays into science and his latest endeavour; the human body, live on stage.

Bryson said, “We spend our whole lives in one body and yet most of us have practically no idea how it works and what goes on inside it. The idea is simply to try to understand the extraordinary contraption that is us. What I learned is that we are infinitely more complex and wondrous, and often more mysterious, than I had ever suspected. There really is no story more amazing than the story of us.”

Joining Bryson in the role of host will be Australian television presenter, radio host, actress, singer, writer and comedian Julia Zemiro. Zemiro is best known as the host of the musical quiz RocKwiz, co-host of the ABC’s Stargazing Live with Professor Brian Cox and for her own show for ABC TV, Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery.

Lateral Events presents Bill Bryson – Observations on Life and the Human Body, Live on Stage at the Riverside Theatre on Tuesday, September 3. Click here for tickets.