Big Deal

BigDealJune Gloom

Big Deal is London-based pair, Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe. They made a name for themselves with their lovely debut, but with their sophomore album, June Gloom, they have expanded their sound beyond expectation.

Moving away from the simple guitar and vocal approach of their fledgling years, June Gloom sees the duo in cahoots with a drummer and bass player. The idea of band expanding their sound is not that remarkable, but when the accompanying tunes are as cracking as this lot it is a remarkable evolution.

Big Deal draw on the golden age of indie rock with spectacular results. Swapping Spit sounds like Mates Of State playing a Broken Social Scene tune, Call And I’ll Come is jangly pop perfection and Teradactol is fuzzy shoegaze of the highest order.

If you love guitars then June Gloom will warm your heart quicker than your favourite tweed-lined cardigan. Underwood’s laconic vocal is the perfect foil for the more energetically toned Costelloe as the two distinct voices intertwine to become the one instrument more often than not.

Big Deal have made sure that there is not one misfire on this latest outing. June Gloom is, dare I say it, a big deal!