Biffy Clyro @ Metro City, Friday, September 12

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Calling All Cars

Metro City

Friday, September 12, 2014

There wasn’t a silent fan in attendance at Metro City as Biffy Clyro once again proved why they should be considered the best Scottish rock band around today. Leading the crowd through an incredibly energetic and unforgettable set, the trio left no stone unturned as they showcased an endless combination of intense rock outs and slower sing-alongs.

Melbourne-born, London-based trio Calling All Cars kicked off the show as they blasted away the remains of Elvis’ Heartbreak Hotel from the speakers. Kicking off the show with a ton of newer material from their third album, Raise The People, vocalist Haydn Ing held nothing back, keeping the builds of Every Day Is The Same and Werewolves interesting as he jumped around the stage using anything he could find as a playground. Drummer Adam Montgomery stayed tight throughout, smashing into killer choruses and harnessing the endless potential of his floor tom. Montgomery combined with bassist James Ing for some flawless high-end melodies that took over as Haydn Ing’s vocals struggled to cut through due to some sound difficulties. All was soon forgiven as Haydn jumped over the barricade, taking his guitar and microphone with him, performing older track Animal from within the mosh and the crowd ate it up. Sure enough, by the the time final track Reptile was all said and done, the crowd was roaring and ready for their Scottish heroes.

It didn’t take long for “‘Mon the Biff!” chants to engulf Metro City and soon enough Biffy Clyro hit the stage with Different People. The trio clearly had a huge batch of dedicated followers as the crowd immediately began moshing and singing along endlessly. The stage lit up in a lighting frenzy as The Golden Rule rang out through the venue, shortly followed by a roar as vocalist Simon Neil led the crowd through The Captain. Drummer Ben Johnston was impressively versatile throughout, constantly performing utterly unique drum fills whilst sharing lyrics with Neil and his brother James, owning classic track 57 much to the delight of fans. Recent singles Sounds Like Balloons and Biblical were deafening as the crowd got louder and louder and the choruses got bigger and bigger.

By the time slower cult favourite God & Satan came around there wasn’t a soul in the room quiet. Neil brought the stage alive, all alone with an acoustic guitar in hand and raw emotion as the band continued to sound even better live then they do recorded, which was an achievement in itself. The huge songs kept continuing as Many Of Horror and Black Chandelier led perfectly into Bubbles that had Neil giddy to the point of dancing. Soon into the song a small pit broke out; enough to push the crowd into hysteria as the trio broke out into a thunderous instrumental ending. The band didn’t stay off stage for long as they returned for a three-song encore concluding with Mountains.

Neil’s end of show thanks was as genuine as you could ever receive concluding a huge night of Biffy ‘Fucking’ Clyro. ‘Mon the Biff!


Photos by Cole Macguire