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Bex Chilcott


Country Tough

Ahead of her appearance at the 29th Annual Boyup Brook County Music Festival, we caught up with Bex Chilcott, the driving force behind noted local outfit, Ruby Boots.

When we speak, Bex Chilcott has just returned to Perth after touring and recording on the east coast for a while. Those recordings are in addition to those undertaken for the upcoming debut album from Ruby Boots, Chilcott’s… alter ego? Band? Collective? To be honest, we’re not really sure at the moment, so we ask for some clarification.

“Well,” Chilcott says. “Ruby Boots started as a solo project of mine in 2009, but  playing solo consistently can wear thin over time. I’ve had the privilege to play with many talented Perth musicians. I’ve always been the sole songwriter, it just changes with the wind when it wants to. I’ve got seven different bands on the record, I’ve overlapped on certain musicians like guitarist and steel player Lee Jones, and a new bunch of steady and smokin’ hot musicians here in Perth that I love playing live with. Nothing stays the same, shit’s changing all the time, you just have to roll with the changes and make them work for you the best way you can, I think I’m definitely doing that with Ruby Boots.”

The actual release date is still up in the air, but it has been pushed back a bit to allow time for Chilcott’s live work. “I’ve got a few tours coming up so I just want to wait until there’s a good chunk of time so I can give the release the energy it deserves. It’s been a process, recorded across three cities and three countries with four producers (Tony Buchen, Anna Laverty, Bill Chambers and Jordie Lane). I can’t count the amount of musicians I’ve had play on it but my artwork is going to be a jungle of credits and thank yous!”

Chilcott is very much looking forward to returning to the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival, a labour of love from the Boyup Brook Country Music Club. “This will be the third year I’ve been involved with CMC, I think they play a crucial role in representing country music in WA, it’s the only big country festival we have in the state and it’s always good to get down there and play to people that dig the genre! I’m playing a few new songs off the record and I’ve got a full band set on the Friday, but it’s a duo set on the Sunday so I’m reworking some of the songs for the Sunday, which is fun.”

She’s also keen to catch some of her stagemates in action, including one who has been wowing audiences during her season at Fringe World. “I’m really thrilled to be playing with Deb “Spoons” Perry. If you haven’t seen how awesome she is, you’re missing out, Google her name – you won’t be disappointed!”




The Boyup Brook Country Music Festival runs from Thursday, February 13 – Sunday, February 16. For the full lineup, accommodation options, tickets and further information, head here.

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