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Best Foreign Movies About Life Purpose

Inspirational movies leave an insurmountable impression on viewers. The best movies are life-changing; while some can break you into tears and leave you heartbroken, others will lift you up. They will leave you wondering and thinking about your life purpose. You will want to sit down and rethink or reevaluate your life purpose and change your life forever.

Such movies are often deep and can inspire you to do great and incomprehensible things with your life.

Since these films are foreign and are in their native languages, you can seek the services of online official translation services to help you pick a translator.

Here is a list of expertly chosen films that are perception-altering and life-impacting. They are films that you wouldn’t find on your streaming service very often, and I have avoided cliché movies like;

  • Forrest Gump
  • Schindler’s list
  • Dead poet’s society
  • Mary Shelly

1. Bohemian Rhapsody

The journey to stardom is one filled with traps, and if you are not cautious, you get trapped and burnt. Too much of a good thing will kill you, they say. Freddy, however, flew too close to the sun and ended up getting burnt.

In the end, nothing matters; when death beckons, all your aspirations become useless. Therefore, chase your passions when you are still alive. Be yourself and do not conform to societal expectations. Fame and fortune are as fulfilling as they may be portrayed.

As you strive to live your life and achieve its purpose and objectives, do not let them set a moral trap for you. You will fall victim to a circumstance if you allow your spiritual sense and inner hold to subside.

Be a maverick!

 2. Squid Game (south Korea)

This is a Korean survival drama written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk.

Divorced and indebted, Seong Gi-hun is invited to play a series of familiar childhood games for a chance to win a big cash prize.

He is taken to an unknown location, where he meets people with similar dilemmas and debts. Players gang up to form teams to help them win the games while enduring a great deal of physical and psychological torment. Losing in a game attracts death, with each death earning the surviving players 100 million won.

This film is an emotional roller-coaster that is life-changing and thrilling at the very same time.

The English dub has, however, been criticized for poor translations.

3. Delicatessen (France)

This movie gives us a post-apocalyptic look into French society. Food is rare and is used as a currency. Delicatessen explores not only life and death, but also humanity. This quirky and dark film is a celebration of the great work of celebrated French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

4. The Wave (Germany)

This brilliant German film gives a vivid and compelling look into Hitler’s rise to power during the second world war. Several points on social units, control, and corruption, are made clear in the film.

This film is thoughtful and will leave you examining your own life.

5. Nobody knows (Japan)

A heartbreaking movie on poverty and childhood that is undoubtedly going to leave you in tears. An unkempt mother who leaves with her new boyfriend leaves her kids to fend for themselves and survive on their own in this cruel world.

This film will shape your perception of how you will treat the people around you.

6. Life Is Beautiful (Italy)

Set during the Holocaust, life is Beautiful follows a father whose quest is to shield his son from the realities of the cruel world.

A moving film in the serious history of the world. This film will leave you drenched in tears and emotionally wound up.

You can check out more Italian classics and horror movies that are brilliantly written and directed.

7. Let the Right One In (Sweden)

This movie follows the life of a young boy shunned and cast aside by his age mates. In a young girl with a gruesome secret, the boy meets his first friend.

This film artfully explores themes on the consequences of our actions.


Foreign movies are often misunderstood. Not all foreign movies are slow-paced and boring. A number of these films are brilliant and provide eye-opening insights. Where a film comes from shouldn’t be a judging factor. Most foreign movies are low-rated and judged wrongly for no reason at all.

Author’s Bio

Melony Hart is a writer, translator, and reviewer for both writing services and films. She has authored several books on translation and has worked in many corporations as a translator. She runs a multilingual blog on the essence of quality writing.


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