Best Ducted Gas Heating Brands in Australia

Gas ducted heating systems are made by many brands in Australia, but there are just a few brands that specialize in making them. Winters are coming and if you don’t have an effective gas ducted heater to survive Australia’s extremely cold weather, you’ll have to camp inside a couple of blankets while wearing a jacket on top to survive the cold. A good heater is important to keep you going and here are three brands that you should consider if you are looking to buy a reliable and long-lasting ducted gas heating system:


Braemar is the most trusted name when it comes to gas heating. Even though Braemar sells different types of air conditioning systems as well, including split systems, ducted systems, multi-split systems etc. However, they mostly specialize in ducted gas heating systems and they are the best in that department. Braemar’s massive range of ducted gas heating systems 3 to 7-star heaters. Braemar’s ducted gas heaters are specially made for Australian weather conditions, which is the reason why if you live in Australia and are looking for a nice heater which can last for many years to come, Braemar is the brand which you should go for, especially if you live in areas where winters can get extremely chilly. They are versatile, advanced, affordable and easy to operate.

Braemar has won many awards over the years for its amazing business strategy, customer service, innovation and the quality of its products. Braemar, which is a local Australian brand, gets its products manufactured in Australia. Their ducted gas heating systems are known for their quality and if something goes wrong with their systems, those issues get promptly resolved, thanks to Braemar’s award-winning customer service team. The team is extremely hardworking, having multiple skilled, talented and knowledgeable professionals who can promptly and easily solve all of your issues and concerns related to the product.

Braemar’s ducted heating system’s prices normally start at over 1500 dollars and can go up to 4000 dollars, depending upon the heating capacity and efficiency rating.


Another well-known name in the world of ducted gas heating systems is Brivis. Brivis is a sub-brand of Rinnai and they are one of the most reliable ducted heater brands out there. Brivis’s ducted systems are made especially for Australian winters as in many cities, winters can get unbearable without the presence of an effective ducted heating system. Brivis offers a 10-year warranty with their ducted gas heating systems so that you don’t have to worry about their system malfunctioning at some point because Brivis’s heaters are some of the most reliable ducted heaters on the market.

Now, a brand is considered to be a trustable brand if the after-sales service is great, and Brivis cares about their customers, which is the reason why their customer service is amazing. The staff is knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and extremely cooperative and humble. So, if you ever have a problem with Brivis’s products, their after-sales team will promptly solve the issue. They won’t keep you waiting for days for service. This is the reason why Brivis is a trusted brand.

Brivis’s gas ducting systems are quite energy-efficient as well, as their products have energy efficiency ratings ranging between 3 stars and 6 stars. Brivis’s ducted gas heating systems also come with useful features like zoning, which helps you keep different temperatures in different rooms throughout the house.

Brivis’s ducted gas heating systems are one of the most affordable ones on the market, as the prices of their systems start at almost 1500 AUD and can go as high as 4000 AUD, depending on the energy efficiency rating and heating capacity.


Just like Braemar, Rinnai is also a massive air conditioner brand and it is not limited to selling ducted gas heating systems only. Their wide range of products includes split air conditioner systems, portable air conditioners, inverter cassette air conditioners, reverse air conditioning systems and ducted central air conditioning systems. Rinnai also sells ducted gas heaters through its sub-brand, Brivis as it specializes in the product. Even though Brivis’s gas heaters are better compared to Rinnai’s ducted heating systems in terms of affordability and effectiveness, Rinnai’s systems are much better at energy efficiency. Their products have 4, 5 and 6-star energy efficiency ratings. Energy efficiency is very crucial in ducted heating systems as these systems are very power-hungry and buying an efficient heater is important to save on fuel. Also, if you want to save more energy, you can use zoning to reduce the temperature of different portions of your house where there is no one.

The customer service that Rinnai provides is amazing. Their team is very experienced and skilful and they study your house properly to determine the best ductwork design to ensure better airflow, as a faulty design can lead to less airflow, causing the central heating unit to suffocate and consume more power than it should.

The price of Rinnai’s ducted gas heating systems is on the higher side. The prices of Rinnai’s ducted heating systems start at over 1900 AUD and depending on the capacity of the system, the prices can go as high as 4500 AUD, which is expensive. However, you are getting a safe, stable and quality gas heating machine that will run smoothly for many years to come. Also, Rinnai’s ducted gas heating systems comply with the most recent government-regulated Minimum Energy Performance Rating (MEPS).

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