Bernie Dieter’s Berlin Underground 
@ Crown Perth

Thursday, November 19, 2020


For a raunchy, raucously pleasurable evening, look no further than Bernie Dieter’s Berlin Underground in its special pop-up cabaret club at Crown Perth. As usual, Dieter brought only the best punks, freaks, and weirdos to entertain us in the cabaret club of her dreams.

The decadent experience commenced the moment one entered the pop-up cabaret club; the entrance lobby jam-packed with the most fabulous costumes, evoking a lush dressing room at an underground club that wouldn’t seem amiss during the “Golden Twenties” in the Weimar Republic. The amazing venue was topped off with the stage of every performer’s envy, graced by the highly skilled haus band jamming as the audience filtered in, arming themselves with cocktails and nibbles in preparation of the night’s debauchery.

Dieter started things off with a bang, getting straight into the audience for some human connection and recruiting three men she dubbed “Business,” “Beardy,” and “Shaven Haven” to carry her back onto the stage and dance with her, before making way for the first act of her inimitable variety show: the acclaimed circus performer Jarred Dewey. Dewey’s feats of contortion and strength left the entire audience astounded each time this beautiful human found himself on the stage.

Ever seen a man put his hat on his head with his foot? Well, Cirque du Soleil star Reuben Dot Dot Dot makes it look easy, swilling whisky and smoking his cigar all the while. Lisa Lottie’s hula hoop act is mesmerising, and in combination with her punk, “get fucked” attitude, it was impossible to look away when she was on stage.

Ruby Lai‘s performance on the pole was simply astonishing: incredibly sexy and an incredible feat of strength all rolled into one gorgeously entertaining package, making one see why it seems likely pole dancing will make it into the Olympics sooner or later.

Debauched drag sensation Scarlet Adams owned the stage with one of the most entertaining, saucy strip teases around, decked out in a stunning sparkly red gown. Funny, delightful and as saucy as can be, accompanied by some epic “cha cha cha” music. In fact, the haus band were on-point all evening, as, of course, were Dieter’s songs. Highlights included a cover of David Bowie’s Five Years and Dieter’s final number, which she wrote in honour of her grandmother in Berlin.

As the evening neared its end, a swing descended from the ceiling and we knew we were in for a fun time. Once again Dewey effortlessly flaunted the laws of physics and the proceedings eventually ended with Dieter onstage alongside every one of her hand-selected and perfect performers. It felt like a celebration of what we have overcome this year to be back inside of performance venues, experiencing performance art in communion with one another. Bernie Dieter’s Underground Club delivers all it promises. Don’t miss it.


Photos by Johannes Reinhart