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BENJALU The Rainbow Connection


Benjalu return to WA for a run of shows at the Prince Of Wales, Bunbury, this Thursday, October 9; Indi Bar, Scarborough, on Friday, October 10; Settlers Tavern, Margaret River, Saturday, October 11, and Clancy’s, Dunsborough, on Sunday, October 12, with special guest Morgan Bain. BOB GORDON reports.

Benjalu’s last run of dates in WA ended with a show at The Nannup Festival.

For a band on the run like this, it was a good way to finish the visit.

“It couldn’t have been better!” says vocalist/guitarist, Ben ‘Gumby’ Gumbleton. “Nannup is one of our favourite festivals. The vibe is always amazing.”

Traversing between festival appearances and venue shows is a regular thing for Benjalu, they’ve learnt to feed of each in a different manner.

“We try to approach each gig as a brand new one,” Gumby explains. “We tend to absorb energy from the crowd at festivals so we go a bit bonkers. Whereas smaller and intimate venues let us get more personal.”

Following the Nannup Festival, the band then went off to Europe. As old hands at touring now they know how to approach the big trips…

“With an open mind,” Gumby says. “It’s not always rock and roll and rainbows. But that’s what is magical about touring – not knowing what to expect.”

Where are your most popular strongholds in Europe?

“I guess we are still not exactly sure. It was the birth of a new stomping ground this year and we will continue to tour for the years to come.

“But it was really cool to hear stories from people that had seen us in Australia, and taken it home and got their mates into our music. There were some unexpected big crowds at some shows over there, especially Belgium. Social networks also showed us just how important it is these days.”

Seeing as Benjalu is always on the road, it seems they’d have to find time to write on it. That’s a rarity for most bands.

“You’re constantly gathering ideas in your thoughts, dreams, and movement each day,” Gumby says. “Sometimes a whole song could form in the matter of minutes, others will take a different process each time.”

Looking into the crystal ball that is 2015, Gumby sees more of the same and that’s clearly a good thing.

“Releasing a lot of music,” he says. “Hopefully the album and, of course, touring. But every year brings new adventures that we don’t expect.”

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