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Becoming More Empathetic: Top 8 Movies and Series About Autism

People with autism suffer because they cannot communicate with society as others. It’s not just when you don’t want to talk to your friends and watch Netflix movies and play at the
PlayAmo casino Australia instead. It’s more serious. But some still don’t understand this. These 8 movies and series teach to be more empathetic to people with autism.

Rain Man

The story is about two brothers who travel across America. The main character, played by Dustin Hoffman, has autism.

This film contributed to the myth that all people with autism have genius abilities: quick mental arithmetic or memorizing cards at poker. In reality, people with autism are very different. Some are able to focus on the smallest details and can process visual and textual information many times faster than those without a nervous system disorder. But autism is a spectrum disorder. Some have outstanding abilities and some have learning difficulties.


“I’m a weirdo. That’s what everyone says.” Sam, the main character, has autism spectrum disorder. So when he announces that he has decided to find a girlfriend, his whole family gets a little tense. But the show is light, in the best tradition of Netflix teen comedies. Three seasons have already come out, and we’re expecting a final fourth season this year.

The series shows that people with autism can love, have sex, and build partnerships. In doing so, they have to learn to understand the rules of relationships and distinguish between the public and the private. This is important because studies show that such people are statistically more likely to be victims of sexual abuse or exploitation. There are special sexual education programs for people with autism and their families.

Big Bang Theory

At the beginning of the series, Sheldon is just a weird guy who also makes others follow his rules. But when we learn the details of his story, he already seems a little less insufferable.

Does Sheldon have autism? The creators themselves deny it, but the performer, Jim Parsons, notes in interviews that his character has some characteristics of a person with autism, including difficulties in social interaction. But Sheldon does not meet the diagnostic criteria. So it is not worth comparing people with autism to him.

Snow Cake

The film is about the friendship between a typical man, played by Alan Rickman, and a woman with autism, played by Sigourney Weaver. This incredibly moving film dispels the myth that people with autism have no sympathy for anyone and cannot be friends.

People with autism also have a need to communicate, they also have something to say, it’s just sometimes harder to do it. Sometimes they need alternative ways to communicate besides speech, and sometimes they need additional communication to help develop speech.

The Specials

Comedy drama from the director of “The Intouchables.” Two charismatic devotees rehabilitate children with autism. Because of formal non-compliance with certification requirements, their rehabilitation center is trying to be shut down by the state commission.

By the way, in France, until very recently, most psychiatrists considered autism a rare and severe disorder, although in fact it is the most common developmental feature. As of 2017, only 0.18% of people in France were diagnosed with autism, compared to 1.5-2.5% in other developed countries. Besides, almost 80% of children with autism in France do not have access to inclusive education.

The A Word

British series about an ordinary family: here they work, quarrel and reconcile just like in any other family. But suddenly the youngest son is diagnosed with autism.

The creators raise an important question – how to be a parent of a child with autism. Sometimes parents can be so busy with their child’s problems that they do not allow themselves to go out with friends, relax, do their favorite things, and even just get some sleep. Growing tension and fatigue sometimes lead to complete physical and emotional exhaustion. Relatives and friends can help: take the child somewhere, make dinner, pick up things from repairs, take the child for a walk so the parent can sleep in peace. This really makes life easier for a family raising a child with autism.

Temple Grandin

A biographical film about the life of Temple Grandin, a woman with autism who became one of the leading scientists in the agricultural industry. Temple designed more than half of all slaughterhouses in the United States, and her main goal was to make the process more humane.

This film proves once again that people with autism can live full and productive lives. Living in an inclusive society, having friends, socializing and learning new things, making choices and doing things you love increases anyone’s self-esteem and chances of success in life, including people with developmental disabilities.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

In this drama about the life of the inhabitants of a backwater, unpromising America, autism is part of a mosaic of various human oddities. Look at them, understand, and accept the example of the inhabitants of the town, where almost nothing happens. Everyone is as the palm of his hand, if born, you can not hide. And who dares to say that Arnie is more abnormal than his family and neighbors? The boy was played by 18-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio, who had already proved in the early days of his career that he could convey “abnormalities” like few of his colleagues.


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