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Bec Laughton

Bec Laughton

I’m With The Band

Bec Laughton plays this Friday, June 27, at The Odd Fellow; Saturday, June 28, at Settlers Tavern, Margaret River, and Sunday, June 29, at The Aviary Rooftop Sessions. Special guest for all shows will be Anna O. BOB GORDON checks in for a chat.

Firstly, how ‘s your national EP tour been going so far?
This tour has been ridiculous! Too much fun! Packed shows and crazy, hyperactive audiences.
At the Sydney show I was walking around the back of the crowd before my set getting a feel for the room and a security guard was keeping close eye on me. I was wearing an old boys’ jacket and beanie… he followed me backstage and then grabbed my shoulder and yanked me back saying, ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ Then he noticed my artist pass and says, ‘Are you with the band?’ I smiled and said ‘Yes, yes I’m with the band’. Then when I walked up on stage to sing I gave him a big smile while he blushed bright red (laughs). It cracked me up.

How was Music Matters conference for you in Singapore?
Music Matters was hot, sweaty and awesome! We played what felt like a bazillion shows a day and by the end of the week were getting mobbed by my new Singaporean fanbase. They are such beautiful people, fans were making me cakes and giving me presents at shows. Definitely going back!

What was your vision for your EP? Did you go beyond, or besides, that initial intent?
The EP kind of grew itself. I had a handful of tracks that I was performing live, ones that were audience favourites, and people kept asking where they could find them. So I set about laying them down and they came together in this EP. I guess the through-line is experiential electro/soul. And I think there’s an accidental running message about songwriting actually, with touches of love and heartbreak, as with the majority of music ever.

What do you feel that the input of Musik 1 and Tyler Touché brought to your work?
Working with Tyler Touché and Musik 1 was magic. I feel like they take my songs to a whole new space. I love exploring and collaborating and both of these guys bring a super dooper dance vibe to my tracks.

What’s the structure of your live set?
My live set is wack (laughs). As I said I love experimenting so I’m always trying weird new things, from the entire band lying down and playing to working with marching bands and dancers. I love playing with massive festival bands just as much as I like doing intimate and solo. This tour we have the usual full band shenanigans as well as some new electro experiments.

What are your plans and hopes for the rest of the year?
I’m off to NYC in August! Woohoo! I can’t wait. I’m working with a Grammy Award-winning artist over there to write and record! Then when I come home later in the year I’m playing a bunch of festivals. The plan after that is to start working on my first album!

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