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Beaufort St Musical Line-up Unleashed


The Beaufort Street Festival  is a huge annual event that just gets bigger every year. It more than delivers with music and the organisers, JumpClimb, have just announced the musical line-up for the day.

Get set for Amanda Merzdan, Anton Franc, Apache, Bastian’s Happy Flight, Boom! Bap! Pow!, China Doll, Ensemble Formidable, Freqshow, Harlequin League, Husband, Jake & The Cowboys, Leure, Lilt, Louis & The Honkytonk, Minky G & Rosco, Mt. Mountain, Phil Walley-Stack, Red Engine Caves, Shameem, Simone & Girlfunkle, Special Brew, Stillwater Giants, Stratosfunk, Sugarpuss, The Amani Consort, The Disappointed, The Floors, The James Cross Quintet, The Last Fair Deal, The Shakeys, These Winter Nights, Timothy Nelson & The Infidels, Villian, WAYJO Big Band & Swing Band and Wisdom2th.

The Beaufort Street Festival  happens on Saturday, November 16.

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