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BEACH HOUSE Dive gets 9/10

Beach House



Beach House are well known for creating cinematic songs. Dive, the second single from their upcoming album 7 (out May 11), is no exception. Thrumming organs and an underlying heartbeat from the bass drum unfold slowly before Victoria Legrand’s vocals come in. They are expansive and wistful, as are the lyrics, luring the listener into a musical dreamscape. “You said my big imagination/ Shattered, flickered creation…”

Suddenly, as we reach the halfway mark, there is an unexpected change. Driving guitars enter and a drum roll signifies a shift in pace. Dive begins to soar and evolves into something reminiscent of shoegaze pioneers such as The Jesus and Mary Chain and Slowdive. (It’s therefore no surprise to learn that the album was mixed by Alan Moulder [My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins]).

It continues to expand and expand, rolling in and out like crashing waves, tugging and pulling, and taking you for a ride, before ending abruptly with the crash of a cymbal. And you’re back in the real world again.


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