Battle Of The Planets - Photo by Denis Radacic
Battle Of The Planets – Photo by Denis Radacic

Triangle Fight/The Brown Study Band/Gombo

The Bakery

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Opening for the evening was Battle Of The Planets front man, Martin Gonzalez’s, other project with brother Paulo Gonzalez, Triangle Fight. A three piece consisting of Sofia Varano on drums, Martin on bass and backing vocals and Paulo on guitar and vocals, the three of them are able to make a big sound of diverse songs in the rock spectrum. They are three talented artists making exciting music.

Next on stage was the amazing six piece of musical mastery, The Brown Study Band. They are astonishingly talented, fun, hilarious, spontaneous, exciting and most importantly they rock. Their music is original and notated and so deliciously precise. It’s a rollercoaster ride spanning genres, decades and continents. You never know what is around the corner but you know it is going to be great. Please do yourself a favour and check this band out.

Ryan Dillon got straight back into it showing off his multi-instrumental talents this time fronting and guitaring the always exciting Gombo. This is a talented three piece with Marco Cilli on bass and backing vocals and Paul Southern on drums and backing vocals. They will blow your socks off, kindly apologise and help you put them back on and then blow them right off again. This is genre exploration going into the deep and heavy side, and it’s oh so heavy… sometimes. Some songs are short, fast and quirky. Some are soft and passionate and then hard and aggressive. Some make you forget where you are or that maybe you have gone insane before a big heavy riff sends you head banging back to reality. And some are all of the above. You have to witness it for yourself.

But this was to be Battle Of The Planets‘ night, and they pwned it. Tropologically speaking they are a spaceship taking you through genres and space-time. Their musical talent showmanship extravaganza began with their EP, Ezekiel’s Chariot, which takes on a dystopian theme – yet I found it all rather uplifting.

I was blown away by Gab shredding on guitar. He has a technical ability and a sense of when to let loose and when to pull back. His use of effects is both genius and staggering and fits perfectly into their masterly crafted songs.

Unfortunately on this evening we were informed that this would be his final show for Battle Of The Planets, as he will be beginning a new chapter of his life overseas. Good luck and all the best mate, you will be missed and always welcome back here.

I could talk about the individual talents of these bands for pages and pages but they are only words. Perth has an amazing music scene and week by week an overwhelming amount of extraordinary talented musicians blow the mind of a handful of punters for 10 bucks each in our own back yard. Do you know why the US music scene is internationally successful? Because they idolise their local talent, and it’s about time we did the same, Perth.